Some Easy Lip-Smacking Lockdown Desserts

These simple yet delicious desserts are guaranteed to blow away the lockdown blues

Charupadma Pati | Apr 30, 2020

One way to stay busy during this lockdown is to learn a new skill, and there’s nothing more satisfying than rustling up a great meal or a dessert. So here’s three delicious desserts which will pamper your taste buds without testing your patience. All these recipes serve 2-3 people, depending on your appetite.

1.Fruit Custard


1.Custard (4 tsp)
2.Milk powder (around 4 tsp)
3.Sugar (4 tsp)
4.Milk (two cups)


•Take a tablespoon of milk in a cup and add custard, milk powder, and mix them with a fork or spoon for at least two minutes.

•Take a saucepan and pour the rest of the milk into it.

•Heat the milk in the saucepan and pour the contents of the cup into it.

•Use a fork or a big spoon to keep stirring the mixture till it begins to thicken.

•Once it has thickened, remove the saucepan, and let the custard cool for around 2 hours.

•Once the custard reaches room temperature, add fruits, cashew and biscuit crumbs to enhance the taste.

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2.Banana Pancakes


1.Milk (Around 2 cups)
2.Maida or Atta (1 cup)
3.Sugar (3 tsp, or as desired)
4.Milk Powder (2 tsp)
5.Two medium sized bananas
6.Cream 2 or 3 tsp


•Take the flour in a bowl

•Pour the milk into it slowly till the mixture is of pouring consistency

•Add the cream, milk powder and sugar.

•Mash around 2 or 3 bananas with your hands or in a mixer, and add the paste to the mixture previously prepared.

•Heat a saucepan for around 1-2 minutes, and pour ghee on it.

•Start preparing pancakes by pouring the mixture on a heated saucepan. Spread the mixture all around the saucepan in a circular motion. Wait till the texture becomes brown.

•Keep flipping the pancakes till they attain a brownish texture on both sides.

•Once you have made the desired number of pancakes, set them on a plate for garnishing

•Garnish with hot chocolate sauce, biscuit crumbs, and some fruits.

•Serve hot

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3. Caramel Pudding


1.Milk (One cup)
2.Curd (0ne cup)
3.Condensed Milk (1 cup)
4.Sugar (Around 3 tbsp)
5.Custard powder (Around 2 tsp)


•Pour the milk into a clean bowl

•Beat the curd and add it to the milk

•Add condensed milk to this mixture

•Add custard powder

•Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

•Take another bowl, depending the size of the pudding you wish to prepare. Sprinkle some sugar.

•Heat the bowl and wait for the sugar to melt.

•When the sugar begins to melt and turns reddish, spread it around the base of the bowl in a circular motion. This process is called caramelization

•Let it cool for two minutes.

•Pour the mixed ingredients to the caramelized sugar bowl.

•Steam the pudding for around 20 minutes in a pressure cooker or a steamer.

•For garnishing, you can add biscuits on the top, fruits such as banana and oranges around the plate.


(The author is a part of Outlook’s team Poshan)