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Some Allopathic And Herbal Immunity Boosters

A weak body is an easy target for any disease, be it COVID-19 or something else. Here are some supplements, chemical and herbal, which can help ensure that you stay protected.
Dr. Apurve Mehra | Aug 22, 2020

The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak once again has made everyone realize the importance of immunity. Your immune system makes a huge difference in what the virus will do to you.
The symptoms of COVID-19 are vast, from asymptotic to mild, moderate and severe. Researchers have found various factors that build immunity specific to coronavirus.

It is also important to note that immunity declines as we age. It cannot be built overnight. Hence, it is advisable for all to look into boosting and balancing their immunity daily. Most doctors only speak of boosting immunity as per one medical tradition be it allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathic. However, there is a need for a full spectrum solution that factors in evidence based advice from each tradition.

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In the allopathic tradition, the following vitamins, minerals and amino acids are believed to boost immunity. There is some new research for them in regards to Novel Coronavirus as well.

-Zinc: Best absorbed in its gluconate or oxide form

-Vitamin C: Best taken as food derived Vitamin C and not ascorbic acid which is synthetic

-Vitamin D3: Research shows that D3 levels make a big difference on severity of COVID 19

-Amino acids: Lysine, Arginine, Glutamine which are considered building blocks of the immune system

-Trace minerals including Magnesium and Copper Gluconate

In herbal medicine, the following herbs have been used for treating and preventing COVID 19 all across the world. Few states in India, such as Goa and Kerala, including
countries like Madagascar, Central African Republic, Ghana, China (After Feb 18), have been consuming these herbs consistently, as a result of which, mortality rate is low in
these areas. These herbs include:

-Kalmegh andrographis paniculata the king of bitters

-Mulethi or Licorice glycyrrhiza glabra

-Artemisia, a Covid organics drink found in Madagascar

-Hypericum Mysorense or Hypericum Perforatum, known as Basant in India

-Draksha for blood thinning as Covid causes Coagulation

-Inula Racemosa for lung health

-Haridra for inflammation


In homeopathy, arsenic and camphor are most used. However, there is little to no direct research on them. But now, there are numerous cases of people having contracted COVID-19 despite having taken them. Some homeopaths believe the correct approach is to take one’s constitutional remedy to boost immunity, and then to take the remedy indicated for symptoms if one gets them. A good homeopath can help us understand our constitutional remedy.

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It is important to understand that Novel Coronavirus is both new and dangerous, Hence, one must not consider any of these immune boosting solutions to be a cure. At the same time, now is not the time to slack on immunity. Eating healthy, a fair amount of exercise, meditation, restful sleep along with these supplements daily will all help us in gaining immunity to fight the virus.

(The author is the founder of Biogetica)