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Outlook Poshan In Hindi, Too

Why we are reaching out to 44 per cent Indians in their own language
Team Poshan | Nov 30, 2019

We, at Outlook Poshan, have a problem. We are very young yet we want our voice to be heard.

Is that possible in a country of over a billion people, where a billion problems jostle for space, a billion voices clamour for attention, and a billon steps need to be taken on the long road ahead?

We believe so.

We have a dream

The Outlook Group has a dream. We wish to see a malnutrition-free India. We want a “nutrition revolution” in every household. With Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, pledging a new tryst with destiny—a malnutrition-free India by 2022—through his Poshan Abhiyaan, and the world striving toward Zero Hunger by 2030, there is no time to lose. We are, in fact, the only premier media group to have taken up the cause of Poshan in a big way.

And, we believe, the moment is now.

We are reaching out to 44 per cent Indians in their own language: Hindi.

Language of tomorrow

Hindi is the language of states where the burden of malnutrition is truly heavy. Hence, it is essential that we speak to the states in their own language. Because, the story of India lies in itsstates. They are the nation’s growth hubs, racing with each other to reach the top. It is the collective aspiration of 29 states, 731 districts, 250,000 gram panchayats and 649,481 villages today that can determine the India of tomorrow.

Stories of change

We have put in place dedicated teams of journalists and digital platforms, social media campaigns and signature events, research projects and empanelled knowledge experts—to push us forward. We have credibility, reach and influence over millions of hearts and minds. We have the will and the wherewithal to bring you stories of change, illuminate and amplify best practices and solutions from every corner of the country—in two languages now: English and Hindi—to eradicate malnutrition.

Joining hands and hearts

With one-third of the world’s malnourished living in India, the complex problem can be solved only through awareness, partnerships, networks, and collaborations. Outlook Poshan has staked its claim on being the first port of call for the Prime Minister’s flagship programme against malnutrition.

Lookout for poshan.outlookindia.com every day.

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