Nutrition Tips For You: Millets For Weight Loss – Bajra

Bajra is a gluten-free grain and a super food, which helps in losing weight. It is loaded with insoluble fiber which helps in burning extra fat.

Bipasha Das | Jul 08, 2019

Pearl Millet, commonly known as Bajra, is the most widely grown type of millet. It’s grown in Indian subcontinent and Africa. The crop is easy to grow in temperate environment, and contains essential nutrients like protein, fiber, phosphorous, magnesium and iron.

It is a gluten-free grain and a super food, which helps in losing weight. It is loaded with insoluble fiber which helps in burning extra fat.

Full of vitamins and minerals, potassium and magnesium, Bajra has numerous therapeutic properties. It helps in reducing wrinkles and treats acne. The pearl millet also helps in fighting pollution. Being rich in antioxidants, it helps prevents cancer and maintain good heart heath.

Here are the health benefits of Bajra:

1.Healthy Heart: Being rich in magnesium, it helps in smooth functioning of cardiovascular system by keeping your blood pressure in check and lowers risk of heart attack or stroke.

2.Diabetes Control: Bajra contains magnesium, which helps control glucose receptors in the body. Rich in fiber, it also helps in weight management.

3.Improves Bowel Moment: It also reduces secretion of bile acids, and is associated with a lowered risk of gallstone formation. Foods that are rich in fiber are good for your digestive system and can prevent issues like acidity, gastric reflux, bloating, belly cramps and irregular bowel syndrome.

4.Protein-rich: Bajra is rich in protein too. So next time you get bored of eating usual protein-rich foods like eggs or chicken, simply include bajra in your diet.

5.Gluten-free: It helps in preventing celiac disease, an auto-immune disorder, where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in small intestine.

Bajra For Diet

Bajra can be used in the form of flour to make chapattis, breads, pancakes, etc. It can also be used in making khichdi and porridge. Or you can simply boil it and take it with dal or any vegetables/ curry.

(Bipasha Das is a certified health coach and nutritionist. She runs a diet and wellness clinic ‘Sugati’. She has been awarded Most Recommended Nutritionist of the Year 2018-19 by Brands Impact. She has worked with top hospitals, and is a life member of the Indian Dietetic Association and on the panels of renowned corporate houses like Ericsson, GE Power. Bipasha is working with Municipal Corporation of Delhi - Public Health Department (South Zone) as a consultant, and creating awareness programmes on Women and Children Health, Health for Public Health Workers, Office Sedentary Workers etc.

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