Articles by Lola Nayar

Eat Well, Be Healthy To Stop TB

At 4.2 per cent, latent TB manifesting into full-blown TB may not be alarming. But for malnourished or under-nourished people, the possibilities are three to four times more.

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Millets Gaining Ground As Healthy Options For Those Suffering From Lifestyle Diseases

Awareness about the benefits of these healthy grains is creating a situation where demand is increasing almost every year by 20% to 22%, says Dr Vilas A. Tonapi, Director, ICAR — Indian Institute of Millets Research, Hyderabad, in an interview to Lola Nayar. Excerpts…

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“If Children Are Well Fed And Well Educated, We Will Have A Different Country”: Chanchalapathi Dasa

How The Akshaya Patra Foundation Enhances Children’s Learning Experience Through Nutritive, Balanced And Appetising Mid-day Meals

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