Why You Should Not Cut Down On Carbs: Befriending Prebiotiocs

Why You Should Not Cut Down On Carbs: Befriending Prebiotiocs

From breast milk to whole grains, here are some common resources of prebiotics and their health benefits

To Stem Inter-Generational Malnutrition, Try Community Management
Gauri And I: A Grandmother’s Tale

Gauri And I: A Grandmother’s Tale

Renuka Korwate recounts how an Angawadi didi changed her entire family’s attitude towards children

'Nurturing Babies Is Not Just A Mother’s Job'

Arun, a farm hand, recounts how Angawadi workers and a father’s love helped his underweight twins grow into healthy young children 

Lata Hole: Babhulgaon’s Agent Of Change

The Anganwadi supervisor and teacher from Maharashtra is known as the great grandmother of the district’s frontline workers

‘It Seemed I Would Never Be Able To Feed My Baby’

Pooja had no breast milk for her newborn girl, Trisha, and gave her cow’s milk and biscuits instead. Until some front line workers turned...

Anemia: Consequence Of Intergenerational Malnutrition

Focusing on adolescent girls before they become mothers is critical to break India’s vicious cycle of malnutrition.

Despite Cost, Indian Consumers Now Shifting To Organic Food

With the absence of the vaccine in 2020, people recognized immunity as ammunition against coronavirus. This contributed immensely to the growth of the organic food industry across the globe.

Importance Of Nutrition In The First Three Years Of Life

Brain growth is most dependent on food and nutrition. Here are some tips for the first crucial years of an infant

Food Consumption Post-vaccination

Our gut plays a crucial role in improving our immunity, here’s why you should start considering Covid-19 vaccine as an opportunity to kick-start a healthier regimen

A Healthy Diet To Ensure A Best Exam Day

From vegetables to nuts, here are some of the food suggestions that will come to your rescue for future examination days

Marigold And Its Healthonomics

Globally, there is a visible shift towards holistic health and wellbeing. Here’s how Marigolds protect us from heart diseases, cancer, along with promoting eye health and blood flow

Strong Front Of Package Labelling Must To Stem The Scourge Of Non Communicable Diseases

Nearly 5.8 million people or 1 in 4 Indians are at a risk of dying from an NCD before they reach the age of 70

Every Indian Wastes 50 Kgs Of Food A year, Says UNEP

Apart from households, retail and food services account for a huge chunk of this annual waste of food, says the Food Waste Index Report 2021

House Panel Wants Robust Mechanisms For Safe Food 

The Public Accounts Committee report said adequate protection has not been ensured to the people against adulterated and unsafe food  

‘We Have Won The Trust Of The Tribals’

Bhupesh Baghel, Chhattisgarh chief minister, discusses his achievements as well as the challenges faced by his government with Outlook’s Editor-in-chief Ruben Banerjee

Manasi Joshi on World Water Day

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